Hey. Thanks for stopping by. Knapzak is about one of a kind, fun and perhaps a bit quirky clothing and accessories. Literally one of a kind, because I don’t buy fabric in bulk and a lot of the items are upcycled: made out of long forgotten or damaged clothing. I'm currently using up my fabric stash, which has grown to a pretty impressive size over the years. After that I’ll mostly use clothes and fabric which have had a life before and are ready for a second one. Because I’m convinced there’s enough beautiful clothes to go around already – why not give those pieces a second chance?

So. On about me. Well, besides my obvious passion for sewing I'm into cats. They make every kind of stress seem unnecessary. The world needs more of their contentment. And laziness.
OK, besides cats. There's ecology I'm pretty passionate about. Part of Knapzak's content is recycled, I shun regular clothes shops and I even volunteer at my local thrift store. Then there's animal rights - I'm a vegan and still looking for ways to be more active in the field of animal wellfare. Next to that I'm in love with street art, erradic embroidery, philosophy, growing vegetables, Louis Couperus, Star Trek, tattoos, Pratchett's Discworld, IPA's and Imperial Stouts, Secret Chiefs 3 and purple tights. To name a few. And did I mention cats?

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