maandag 8 juni 2015

DIY inspiration

Some fun DIY projects I found on Pinterest - I'm itching to get started on some of them! (but that'll have to wait for a while, I got my hands full of fun to-do's right now.)

 Actually they're christmastree ornaments, but I don't care. They're cool all through the year. Source.
 In different colours and different patterned fabrics...Yep! Source.
 They're so fluffy. Source.
 Very very cool! Source.
 A pompomrug! Our cat would be ecstastic. Source.
 Using all kinds of little trinkets you've saved over time. Source.
 Yes. I HAVE to make this. Source.
 Made of all kinds of clothing scraps, a perfect recycle project. Source.
The thumbprint rug with all kinds of things you specifically like, so it'll be a very personal rug. Love the idea. You can also make it with tarn (T-shirt yarn) or fabricscraps made into yarn. Source.
Yes. Source.

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